- Bio/medical - therapy and diagnostic instrument - operating instrument
- Electronics - image and sound system - 3D image system

Project Summary
We have been solved existing 3D technology's chronic problems. Using our patented technology, we can make fatigue-free and easy-to-control, and inexpensive 3D medical instrument and 3D imaging equipment. Also We have further plans to produce multiple micr

Business Model
- Revenue Model: 3D medical microscope and celioscope, 3D Imaging equipment, etc
- Target Customer: hospitals, broadcasters and cinema directors
- Distribution Channels: medical instrument and broadcasting equipment sales channels (including wholesalers

Main Achievements
- Employment : 5 (2 ⤑ 7)
- Other Achievements : WIPO award for best inventor(November, 2014)
Date of Establishment2015-01-26
Date of TIPS Selection2015-07-01