· Development of vector map-based worldwide routing technology for the first time in Korea
- Because it uses vector map, it can innovatively reduce the capacity compared to existing map (less
than 10% capacity) and can be used while significantly saving the memory of the mobile devices
- Integrated services can be combined using customized maps
- Providing maps with style that fits to various industries in API form through self-map editing and
style customization technology (indoor / outdoor map services available)
- Providing solutions for the auto-recommended travel itineraries and a map-based travel planner
(available for any area)

Project Summary
The development (first in Korea) of route guidance based on global vector map

Business Model
PROFITS created from global travel maps and indoor map platforms
KEY CUSTOMERS are any location-based service providers in any service area
MAIN CHANNEL : Korea Tourism Organization, domestic and foreign local governments, airlines, travel agencies, Shinsegae, telcos, etc.
CORE ACTIVITIES : Providing a new type of service development by integrating location-based service business with our customized map styles
OVERSEAS EXPANSION : Preparing for partnerships and expanded model with global companies

Main Achievements
Job Creation : 26 employees
Turnover : (`14) $100K, (`15) $465K, (`16) $500K
Date of Establishment2012-02-28
StageInformation Communication
Date of TIPS Selection2015-02-05