Global Real-time 3v3 Team Battle: Iron League
Iron League is a 3v3 MOBA game featuring Quick & Rank matches. It also supports other game modes including 2v2 Rank matches and 1v1 duels. Experience the indescribable thrill of victory using tactics you've devised.

Project Summary
We started our gamecrafting to share all the fun and excitement you can get from MOBA genre with many people. Our main goal is to let players enjoy a game with breathtaking stories and thrilling team fights on their phones and tablets.

Business Model
Iron League is a free Multi-platform game that offers you the experience of spectacular, fast-paced MOBA team fights.Instead of pay-to-win merchandise, we provide fascinating characters and skins on sale to drive the customer’s reasonable will to pay for the game.

Main Achievements
Drive for Investment : $ 5.2 Million
Patent : 2 Korean applications, 2 Chinese applications, 2 U.S. applications
Service : Starting Global Services in December 2017
Platform : Google Play, Apple Store, Facebook Game Room.
Date of Establishment2013-01-22
AcceleratorCapston partners
StageInformation Communication
Date of TIPS Selection2014