Contents Curation A.I. Engine based on F&B data of single households

Project Summary
While single households market keeps to grow globally and its transaction data flows out, there is no one yet to deal with the data specifically in a manner. We need a new solution for the new wave.

We believe that e-coupon transaction engine would be a right solution for the market.

We offer customized B2B solutions such as analysis reports on mobile transactions and related data on F&B market focusing on single households.

Our product is to provide recommendations via mobile messenger platforms upon big data which enables for users to get curation information.

Business Model
As our business model are
*B2B2C - We get monthly payments from affiliate shops.
*B2B - We get commissions based on transactions.
- e-Coupon Verification Engine with Single Households Data Sets.
- Contents Curation AI Engine with Single Households Bigdata Pool.

Main Achievements
-2016.4 HONBABIN Application official launch
-2017.11 CNT Tech do Investment attraction
-2017.12 Selected F.T. by TIPS Program
-2018.01 Selected K-Global 300
Date of Establishment2017-10-26
AcceleratorCNT TECH
StageInformation Service
Date of TIPS Selection2017-12-01