Development of appraisal system for unstructured real estate such as facilities, land and etc with big data technology

Project Summary
⦁ An unstructured real estate such as facilities, land etc. has a variety of character, so it is difficult to calculate this value correctly and fast with human labor. Based on the fact, Kncompany provide small multiplex housing’s market value on Lobig website ( with open data, big data analysis method, and artificial intelligence.
⦁ Kncompany will extend provide of small multiplex housing’s market value for the whole country, and develop whole an unstructured read estate appraisal system including facilities and land.

Business Model
Revenue Model : Selling an unstructured real estate appraisal system that can be used for mortgage, credit, etc. to financial companies. Providing advanced property information with people who are interested in real estate.
Target Customer : Financial companies, Licensed real estate agent
Distribution Channels : Web(PC/Mobile), Google Play(Android), App Store(iOS)
Key Performances : Enhancement of system’s credit with verifying accuracy of big data appraisal of real estate.
Overseas Accomplishment : Export planning to south east countries that supply open data of property such as Singapore.

Main Achievements
Dissertations or IP : Applied patent Kor(2), Foreign(2). Registered patent Kor(3)
Other Achievements : The 1st fintech award in MK : Excellence award / Smart App Award in professional information, 2016 : The grand prize / Best Grade for Big data flagship’s pilot project in science and technology ministry
Date of Establishment2015-05-19
AcceleratorKB Investment
StageInformation Communication
Date of TIPS Selection2017-12-21