1. Artificial intelligence: Our A.I. technology utilizes natural language processing (NLP) to parse immigration documents and provide legal insights for immigrants based on the specifics of their case status. Further, Lawfully can detect and integrate information directly from a passport, helping to eliminate manual input from immigrants as they begin application.

2. Actionable immigration data: Lawfully combines immigration data from government sources, social networks, law offices, and our own user's anonymized input to generate a comprehensive understanding of the US immigration landscape. Using our custom machine learning algorithms, we sort the data so they can be leveraged to assist immigrants in their journey to the United States.

3. Document completion: Lawfully's personal A.I. lawyer is always vigilant, assisting immigrants as they complete their application documents to ensure that there are no mistakes and no missed steps. By examining the specifics of each individual case, our A.I. lawyer is able to guide immigrants along the most efficient path through the complex US immigration system, saving immigrants time and alleviating anxiety.

4. Predictive analysis: By analyzing historical USCIS data, our neural network is able to predict the length of time each step of any given immigration case will take, shining a light on the traditionally opaque processing timeline and allowing immigrants to follow the development of their case in real-time. We also provide statistical probabilities of the likelihood of a successful application as time goes by, granting immigrants the ability to make informed decisions as their case unfolds.

Project Summary
Lawfully’s team combines the expertise of big data analysis, immigration law, and software development to bring a best-in-class legal assistant to your smartphone. Our decades of industry experience and our deep passion for bringing accessible solutions to complex problems, we are excited to make the law work for both immigrants and immigration lawyers.

Business Model
We target both B2B and B2C immigration market. Our B2B business model deals with law offices and corporate HR departments in order to help them process time consuming legal and administrative procedures more effectively, such as document preparation, establishment of legal strategy, and the status check once the case is filed to the USCIS. The revenue model for B2B is based on either a subscription or a fixed fee model, depending on the number of users. On the other hand, our B2C business model involves individual immigrants and our solutions keep them up-to-date for their status in real time and help them self-complete their application package. The revenue model is based on a fixed fee policy per case.

Main Achievements
1. Construction of immigrant data collection and analysis tool, leading to continuous growth of DB
2. AI Case Tracker (first of its kind to our knowledge) - beta test in progress
3. Successful integration of US government data into the modeling for prediction of case processing time
Date of Establishment2017-12-22
AcceleratorBluepoint Partners
StageInformation Communication
Date of TIPS Selection2017-12-17