Establishment of Big Data-based restaurant RFM model and development of sales prediction algorithm

Project Summary
⦁ Built RFM-based customer loyalty analysis model based on reservation database held by TableManager. Restaurants can target marketing based on these analysis results. Through this, restaurant customer re-visit rate and sales increase expectation.
⦁ Development of Restaurant Revenue Forecasting Algorithm Using Multiple Regression Analysis. Providing restaurants with sales index information and information on contributing factors for sales enables scientific restaurant management

Business Model
Revenue Model
Monthly fee, VAN fee, deposit fee, booking agency fee, etc.

Target Customer
All restaurants requiring reservation and customer care

Distribution Channels
B2B sales progress

Overseas Accomplishment
Expected to enter Japan market and Southeast Asian market

Main Achievements
Follow-up Investment
In consultation


Other Achievements
Holding the largest restaurant reservation data in Korea (as of December 1, 2017)
Date of Establishment2017-05-08
StageInformation Communication
Date of TIPS Selection2017-12-21