Biopsy device for hemostatic agent injection.

Project Summary
"An innovative medical device for internal organ hemostasis."
- A biopsy is the only diagnostic procedure that can definitely determine if the suspicious area is cancerous. Core needle biopsy is the procedure to remove a small amount of suspicious tissue from the organ(Liver etc.) with a larger core needle. There are side effects associated with bleeding and pain. Once the biopsy is complete, patients need long time to be observed additional complication from bleeding.
- To solve this problem, a special biopsy device was designed for minimizing the internal organ bleeding. We will hereby develop solutions that best match the following clinical needs.
- Effective hemostasis is possible with a small amount of the hemostatic agent.
- Biopsy of high-risk group for flooding organs is possible.
- Preventing complications caused by bleeding after biopsy.
- Minimize complicated procedure of injecting hemostatic drug after biopsy and .

Business Model
Development user-oriented new concept medical devices through the MOSAIC Platform.
- MOSAIC Platform is Solmedix's unique service model that provide value to ideas, secure intellectual property rights and commercialize new medical devices to market.
- IDEA Evaluation to promote effective medical device idea commercialization.
- Ideation, Research, Development and Consulting for R&BD on medical device market.

Main Achievements
1. Patent
We have 8 patent published and 5 patents pending patent related to medical device technology.

2. Project
All product development reflect the needs of physicians, and a lot of studies supported by government are ongoing and completed.
- Surgical instruments for arthroscopic surgery.
- Cervical disc implant for the treatment of nerve compression.
- ETC.

3. Strategic alliance
- Medical device business MOU with Samsung Medical Center, South Korea.
- MOSAIC Platform SW development and Biz MOU with Mobiuso LLC., USA.