Development of a non-toxic, long-lasting antimicrobial cosmetic puff using a antimicrobial adhesive protein

Project Summary
- With the increasing demand on the air cushion, the core of K-beauty, there is strong need for safe and hygiene cosmetic puff for healthy skin.
- This project aims to make safe and trouble-free cosmetic puff with our proprietary antimicrobial adhesive protein. Our customer can enjoy the cosmetic puff for beauty without any skin-trouble.
- For this project, we have developed a patent pending bio-inspired antibacterial adhesive protein coating technology. Primary focus of our efforts is on developing an antimicrobial cosmetic puff. We also plan to extend the application to various cosmetic tools such as antimicrobial mascara.

Business Model
Revenue Model : Supply of Antibacterial Puff
Target Customer : Cosmetics Company
Distribution Channels : Cosmetics Companies and Big Marts (E-mart, etc)
Key Performances : Completion of antibacterial puff prototype

Main Achievements
Follow-up Investment : AMOREPACIFIC ('17.09)
Employment : 7
Dissertations or IP : Patent pending (7), trademarks Kor (2)
Other Achievements : Completion of APTechUP+
Date of Establishment2015-12-16
Date of TIPS Selection2017-11-16