A compact 3D LiDAR with 150 m measurement distance for self-driving cars and ADAS

Project Summary
Development of a LiDAR for self-driving cars and B2B business strategy
- Entering the market for industrial/research LiDARs and expanding B2B business
- Sample supply and collaborative research for self-driving R&D teams, joint mass production in the future

Business Model
Revenue Model: Mass production and sales of LiDAR products for B2C, B2B
Target Customer: Automobile companies, Parts supplier, Research Institute
Distribution Channels: Exhibitions, Autonomous driving alliance member companies
Key Performances: R&D, Exhibition promotion, MOU & Joint research
Overseas Accomplishment: Joint R&D and strategic investment with global automobile companies

Main Achievements
Follow-up Investment:
- KODIT (“First penguin industry”, $89670 / 3 years)
- 15 employees (January 2018)
Dissertations or IP:
- Patent (13), PCT (3)
Other Achievements:
- 6th KES Innovation Awards, Best New Products (2017)
- 2nd KSME-SEMES Open Innovation Challenge, The Grand Prize recipient (2017)
- Seoul International Invention Fair, The Gold Prize recipient (2017)
Date of Establishment2016-06-22
Date of TIPS Selection2017-09