Develop an active prevention system utilizing threat intelligence based on service-oriented traffic analysis

Project Summary
⦁ As the number of targeted APTs rapidly increase, the importance of file-based real-time detection and blocking is on the rise. An innovative threat prevention system based on cyber security specific FPGA board, purpose-based traffic analysis and Cyber Threat Intelligence is needed
⦁ FPGA board development (core technology): designed and implemented by Pizzlysoft
- Pattern/signature matching in payloads
- File carving and malware detection in traffic
⦁ Correlation analysis technique: Analysis of correlation among logs. Detection of stages and flows of cyberattacks.
⦁ Bigdata engine development (core technology): unstructured data analysis engine developed by Pizzlysoft.
⦁ Proactive threat analysis and response technique: Algorithm developed by Pizzlysoft and can be modified according to customer’s requests.
⦁ Malicious domain detection and blocking technique: original technology and patent provided by National Security Research.
⦁ Security consulting service: customized security consulting and stable after services
⦁ Commissioned researches and services: security S/W research and development

Business Model
⦁ Revenue Model : B2B security Solution
⦁ Target Customer : Public institutions, telecommunication providers, major portals, game publishers, financial groups and etc.
⦁ Key Performances : Performed PoCs to participate government-driven pilot projects and commissioned development projects
⦁ Overseas : set up a research lab in US (Feb 17) and planning to build a cooperative system in Japan

Main Achievements
⦁ Follow-up Investment : by private companies (to be 200,000 USD)
⦁ Employment : 4
⦁ Dissertations or IP : Registered patent Kor(1)
⦁ Other Achievements : Venture and Research business certified by government
Date of Establishment2016-12-21
AcceleratorKorea Science & Technology Holdings
StageInformation Communication
Date of TIPS Selection2018-08