"Eliminating manual timesheets processes"

Planning to develop automated time clock system "ALBAM" to eliminate manual timesheet's problems below.
1. Managers do not know if employee clock-in or out in real-time.
Managers can’t review the act of clocking someone in when they are not actually there.
(“Buddy punching” - According to the APA, over 75% of companies in the United states lose money to buddy punching)
2. Managers has been a problem with employee forgetting to punch in or out.
Paper time sheets cause payroll clerical errors.
3. Manual timesheets cause losses in productivity.
(American Payroll Association research show that employees spend time filling out time sheets manually, and reviewing a single timesheets can take as long as 7 minutes)

By using Albam, owners/mangers are possible to get these advantages.
1. less headache, more business
With Albam, you can manage and automate your daily HR tasks, such as scheduling hourly staff, checking attendance, and payroll management. It saves store owners 30 minutes a day and an additional 11 hours a month, turning hours lost on HR into productive time spent working for customers.
2. Boost efficiency.
Assigning the right hourly employees to the right shifts is a breeze with Albam.
3. Manage your team anywhere, anytime.
With Albam’s cloud-based app, you can access your employee attendance logs anywhere with an internet connection. You can be out overseeing a second store opening, pull out your smartphone, and start managing your team.
4. No more bean counting.
Albam generates reports automatically and even shares them with employees. Payments take into consideration each employee’s hours and rate, and you can customize as per your contract.

Project Summary
"Just stick a beacon, and it's ready to use"

Develop Albam Service processes.
STEP 1 : Manager just stick a beacon on the workplace.
(It transmit secured location information contained in beacon signal)
STEP 2 : Install mobile application Albam-manager & employee.
Employee can only clock in a workplace using their own smartphone(No Buddy punching).

Here is Key function of Albam Service.
1. Accurate data collection and Real-time reporting.
- Get real-time push notifications.
Manager can know if employee clock-in/out information in real time.
- Managing multiple store locations
Running multiple storefronts is exponentially harder than having a single retail location.
Small business owner can manage everything since HR operations are consolidated.
- No Buddy punching
Employee can only clock in a beacon signal(secured) range using their own smartphone.
2. Clock in reminders
- Configuring clock in/out reminders
With the clock in reminders can send automatic reminders to employees if they forget to clock in.
Reduce missed punches by setting clock in reminders.
3. Automated payroll processing
Automatically calculating hourly or daily wage, salary based on clock in data.
But not include automatically calculating deductions, withholdings, PTO and accrual.
4. Share data with others.
Small-medium business has various types of hierarchical levels in organization.
(ie : Store manager, Regional manager, Payroll manager HQ)
Albam-manager can share data(Clock-in/out, Gross payroll) in real-time with anyone in charge of its affairs. (ie : Google Drive)

Business Model
Revolutionary workforce management app 'ALBAM'
- Albam Time & Attendance for free
- Albam Time & Attendance plus (9,900won($9)~/month)
- Albam Payroll Automator service (17,600won($18)~/month)

1. Easy and Reliable Timesheet.
- No Buddy punching
: Employees can clock in the applied workplace only.
- BLE Beacon
: Beacon sends out a Bluetooth signal to the area within 5 to 10 meters! It makes the employees only clock in a designated place.
- Track the schedule & timesheets with ease
: Check the work schedule and timesheets’ of all the employees at a glance
: Managers get real-time push notifications.
: Counting the number of tardiness of each employee based on the schedule and timesheets.

2. The Best Payroll for Small Business: Albam Payroll Automator(including taxes)
- Estimated expenses of this month
: Fully automated payroll processing including taxes. We estimate the monthly labor cost so that the owner can manage cash flow of the store.
- Estimated payroll
: The salary is calculated including extra pay.
- Web service & Excel report
: Web service is also offered along with the excel report (except for free version)
- Workforce Management
: Providing monthly employee turnover rates by store.

Main Achievements
Currently, about 20,000 stores are using Albam in 11 countries.Our users love us, and 97% of free users has decided to stay on with Albam as paying customers.

We received a seed investment of 400,000,000 Korean Won ($340,000 USD) in early 2015, from Bon Angels, Korea’s leading angel investor, and closed a Series A round of ₩1.8 billion ($1.6 million USD) this month from a consortium of Korean investors, led by Capstone Partners.

Our awards include:
- Finalist, 2014 KBS Golden Pentagon
- Winner, 2014 KDB Startup Competition
- App of the month, 2015 Korea Mobile Award
- Winner, 2017 Asia Beat Startup Battle (Hybrid ventures Award)
Date of Establishment2015-01-20
AcceleratorBon Angels
StageInformation Service
Date of TIPS Selection2015-10-01