Jeonbuk Technology Holdings that was established in June 7, 2011 through the participation of 5 universities(Chonbuk National University, Jeonju University, Kunsan National University, Wonkwang University, and Woosuk University) in the Jeonbuk and Jeonbuk Provincial Government (Jeonbuk Technopark) as the stockholders is a region-focused university allied technology holding company. It was established in accordance with ‘The Industrial Education Promotion Act and Enforcement Decree of the Promotion of Industrial Education and Industry-Academic Cooperation Act’ upon its enactment in 2008 and based on the technologies possessed in the aforementioned universities, it intends to promote foundational technology businesses. Through such activity, it consistently establishes technologically innovative venture businesses (subsidiary) within the Jeonbuk area while cultivating these businesses as a global star business to commercialize excellent technologies in universities, create job opportunities within the region, and vitalize the local economy. Currently, 21 subsidiaries were founded and technological commercialization has been promoted. In 2013, it acquired ‘the Best Grade’ in the Infrastructure Business Assessment for Technology Holding Company that was assessed by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. Jeonbuk Technology Holdings promises to be the top-notch investment business specialized in technology and business foundation when it comes to foundational technology business. Also, it will take initiative to cultivate globally renowned star businesses through technological, management, market, and financial support based on discovery of excellent technologies possessed in universities and R&D centers in the province while promoting direct technology commercialization. We expect your sincere affection and encouragement for Jeonbuk Technology Holdings to realize persistent performance and development.
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