BonAngels is early-stage venture capital located in Seoul. BonAngels arguably was the first early-stage venture capital of significance. Even now, BonAngels is actively leading the investments on early-stage startups with the Pacemaker funds (I,II,III) , a collective investments from many of previous generation entrepreneurs. BonAngels’ investment professionals have entrepreneurial background. We are interested in not only newly emerging IT industries such as SW, contents platform and mobile, but also other industries such as O2O, education and etc. We have invested in startups located in various parts of the world – Korea, Japan, United States, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and etc. We are seeking to achieve growth in the global market alongside with companies on portfolio that are in need of our support. If you are searching for an investment, please feel free to contact us via our email.
IT/Tech O2O Education Fintech and etc.